Hi there! I'm Katie, the face behind Creekkidart. Creekkidart is my online moniker, and also the name of my illustration business. I am an illustrator and storyteller living and working in Texas. I graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2018 and began my freelance career.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved making stuff up. Not everyone has the ability to make stuff up so if you can isn't it your duty to make up some good stuff for everyone else? I just want to make stuff that brings happiness and delight to the world.

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When Mommy Caught a Dragon by Jon Carlson - self published

Red Ted the Magical Melon Man by Andrew Veach - self published

There’s an Alligator in the Elevator! by Ellen Ryan and Maryann Heidingsfelder - self published

(How to Not Get Eaten By) La Lechuza by Katie Risor - zine

Creekkidart as a business officially started in 2018, but I'd been slowly working towards it for ages. I'd always been an art kid, but I didn't get really serious about being an illustrator until the end of 2016. After witnessing the success of others I realized hard work and consistency was what I lacked, so I set off and haven't stopped since. Now I am a full time freelancer, and I’m looking forward to seeing where my career goes.

I'm primarily a children's illustrator, with experience creating client books from start to finish. With my clients, I bring their story to life by taking their manuscript and creating character designs, storyboards, color comps, final artwork, then layout design, cover design, and typesetting. I have experience with KDP and Ingram spark, so I'm happy to help new authors through the publishing process.

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